Pharma Biotech Business Development

GMACPHARMA work with you to develop your growth vision, extending involvement to implementation of a sustainable plan for revenue growth alongside organisational growth.

  • Pipeline Valuation & Activity Assessment: We will value your drug product or client drug product pipeline and help align the organisation to best realise the opportunity that it presents.
  • Directional Growth Insights: We identify opportunities to better capture future market industry trends, having a unique vantage point of growth opportunities from working across the pharma biotech industry.
  • Resource Capacity and Technology Assessment: Matching site and company capabilities with these opportunities can, in our experience, lead to new revenue generating line extensions and expansion of service offerings.
  • Right-Sizing the Organisation: We will assist, support and guide companies in particular in advance of a predicted growth phase, designing and implementing increased capacity, phased with incoming drug product opportunity realisation, from capital investment strategy to technical expansion of service offering in line with industry trends.