Make-or-Buy Decision-Making and Fast-Track Modular Build Expertise

GMACPHARMA work with you to prepare and execute your in-house facility expansion and/or outsourcing growth  vision with the growth of your drug product pipelines.

  • Make-or-Buy Decision making: We will help you to decide whether to expand in-house capability and capacity or outsource to specialist expertise.  We will base this on an evaluation of your current and future drug product or client drug product pipeline profile and help align the organisation to best realise the opportunity that it presents for the business.  Crucially, we will help the organisation grow in a compliant manner whilst realising the benefits of increased activity and well-managed complexity.
  • Identify the best CDMO Partner/s: We identify the best fit for your organisation with the right contract development and manufacturing organisation, based on in-house expertise versus outsourced specialist expertise or simply based on capacity projections.
  • Fast-track modular build approaches: brings the possibility to realise an opportunity that otherwise may not have been possible.  Expertise in identifying the optimal modular build design and build organisation can mean the difference between securing a future commercialisation activity or onboarding a client or not.
  • Resource Capacity and Technology Assessment: Matching site and company capabilities with these opportunities can, in our experience, lead to new revenue generating line extensions and expansion of service offerings.
  • Right-Sizing the Organisation: We will assist, support and guide companies in particular in advance of a predicted growth phase, designing and implementing increased capacity, phased with incoming drug product opportunity realisation, from capital investment strategy to technical expansion of service offering in line with industry trends.