CEO of a $Bn Pharma Biotech Organisation

“The speed with which GMACPHARMA effectively inserted itself into our organisation, its leadership and teams and clearly understood the strengths and opportunities of the site and the manner in which they went about implementing change whilst maintaining compliance was exemplary.  This helped us to realise what was for us a commercialisation window of growth opportunity, to leverage other opportunities for the site. The end result was a double PAI and 0 citations, a first for us, a testimony to the team’s preparation, led by a safe pair of hands in GMACPHARMA, with its expertise in drug product commercialisations.”

Start-Up Pharma Biotech Organisation

“GMACPHARMA brought its experience and added credibility to our applications to the regulator for our GMP and IMP licenses, preparing us for a first time right success, opening the door to commercialise our internally manufactured pipeline.”

CDMO Pharma Biotech Organisation

“GMACPHARMA were quickly able to come inside the organisation and identify the right CDMO partner for scaling our drug product delivery platform, to organise our people structure internally – preparing us robustly for internal clinical manufacture and supply.  In parallel to orchestrate the scale up and commercial manufacture of our lead drug product candidate externally with a CDMO partner.”

CEO of a Pharma Biotech Organisation

“GMACPHARMA brought integrity and track record to our organisation as acting COO, preparing and leading the organisation through multiple investor syndicate due diligence processes. The outcome was the securing of the single largest funding round of any Pharma biotech company in the country.”