Pharma Biotech Acquisition & Due Diligence Support

GMACPHARMA will help you prepare the organisation for compliant growth leading to a successful funding round, sale or IPO, maximising value perception of drug and pipeline assets and organisational know-how, whilst ensuring the best outcome for its team and shareholders.

Organisational Right-Sizing: GMACPHARMA will identify with you the optimal lean organisational structure in advance of growth and incoming investment (internally or externally).

  • Organisational Focus: We will help you to identify, value and prioritise lead drug products within your new drug product pipeline.
  • Capacity Alignment: We will help you to align long term pipeline volume forecasts with internal capacities, technological capabilities and personnel skillsets – a particular skill that GMACPHARMA can bring to your organisation.
  • Change Implementation: Working closely with you to help facilitate the changes that are necessary to value the company accurately and lead to a successful significant milestone funding round, sale or IPO transaction.
  • Maximising Value Perception: GMACPHARMA will help you to understand your business better from an independent perspective, before review of an incoming investor, to prepare well for the scrutiny.  We will help you to project the company in its best form in terms of value and know how, aligning talent with drug product pipeline.